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Volunteering In and Around Lakepointe

There are many opportunities to be involved in what goes on around Lakepointe. Take a look at the current committees that are in place and see if one interests you. It's a great way to meet your neighbors and take an active part in our community.  Each committee will have a chairman and a BOD liason. To Volunteer for any of the following areas or suggest a new committee please email Wendy O'Connor at or call her at 847-508-5940.

American Flag Presentations  Paula Dupler



The Board will rely on committees to assist with the day to day affairs of the Association. A committee is comprised of two BOD members and one owner or three BOD members and two owners.  Each committee will submit a written monthly report to the BOD. The report will include activities and detailed expenditures for the reporting period within 48 hours of BOD meetings. The committee has the authority to spend up to $3,000 for any single expenditure.

All committees report up to the BOD at BOD meetings. Non Board committee members report up to the board and are encouraged to make recommendations to the BOD. For special projects additional owners/residents may be enlisted to accomplish a task.

Committee Committee Chairman BOD Member BOD Member Committeemen Committeemen Committeemen Commision           Member (Special Assignments)    
Landscaping Ben Valletta Dan Berkshire Carl Waggoner Sue Clavio Gayle Bonus  

Helen Berkshire

B. G. & Beach Dan Berkshire Ben Valletta Dave Wanshek Paul Pietsch Scott Krause        
Rules and Regulations Dave Wanshek  Dan Berkshire TBD Vernon Morgan Marcia McWilliams  



Pool Carl Waggoner Wendy O'Connor Denise De Hesus Randy Menzies Ron Polesak   Dave Tapar                  Tom Skelding    
Marina Greg Durbin Denise De Hesus Colleen Thoma       John Warchol     Randy Menzies    
Finance  All Board Members                
Communications  Wendy O'Connor Denise De Hesus Carl Waggoner  Bob Haire  Colleen Thoma   Commission of Block Captains    

4th July Picnic

Greg Durbin             Commission of "Volunteers"    

Fourth of July PicnicA Lakepointe Family Event that requires all hands on deck. The Board and all Residents are invited to take part and VOLUNTEER for the success of the event.  We need: Set up teams at 9:00 am and especially breakdown volunteers at 5:30 pm. Cooks at 11:30 am. Registration staff 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm. Kayakers to be in the parade at 1:00 pm.  Music is always on the menu. Snow cone, tatoos and popcorn staff needed throughout the afternoon.  Salute to veterans and the Memorial to lost Lakepointers. And of course your dish to share for the event. Tis a great time and we expect to see almost 300 of our Lakepointe Friends and Neighbors at our largest community social event.


 Buildings and Grounds

 Beach / Waterfront Committee     

Finance Committe

Landscape Committee

Marina Committee

• Pool Committee

Rules and Regulations 

Community Social Events  

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Block Captains for 194 Units


Contact Info: Wendy O'Connor