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Welcome to the Village at Northshore Pool Guides!

MISSION STATEMENT: The goal of the Pool Committee of the Village at Northshoreis to make recommendations to the VNS Board that concern the monitoring of Pool vendors, improvements, and securing pool equipment. Thus, with the commitment to support a safe, fun, and enjoyable pool experience for the VNS community, the committee is responsible for aiding in the monitoring of activities at the pool, reminding the community of pool rules, and, reporting any incidents and/or damages to Pool property.
COMMITTEE MEMBERS: †Patty Levi, Dave Gilbert, Eric Corbman,†Donald McIntyre, Pat Quinlan, Jean Rook and Elizabeth Knudsen.
Pool Etiquette & Rules

The pool is a wonderful asset. It provides an environment where residents and their guests may swim, relax and be safe at all times.† Residents and their guest(s) must follow the Pool Rules, as well as being considerate of others seeking a peaceful refuge from summerís heat.†

While the pool area is meant to be a calm and quiet oasis, we are lucky enough to have a beach just over the bike path for more boisterous exercise and fun. Children can run, play, splash and build sand castles to their heartís content.† Others can enjoy swimming, boating and general merriment on Lake Champlainís beachfront.

With 136 units and residents of all ages, with different energy levels, swimming and athletic abilities as well as different needs for peace and quiet, we hope the following ideas will improve enjoyment for all.†

Respecting Each Other.†† Residents and guests are expected to treat one another with value and consideration. Yelling, fighting or profanity should be avoided. Music lovers can enjoy tunes on their personal headsets. Alcohol use is permitted, but should not interfere with otherís enjoyment of the area. Please limit the number of guests at any given time, as parties are not allowed.

Swimmer / Sunbather Safety.†† Everyone wants a safe, fun experience at the pool.† Observing safety guidelines is also important to reduce liability risks for VNS. First, we have no lifeguard, so be safe.

Children who canít swim should be monitored at all times by a responsible adult.† Children can wear a PFD (life jacket) but must still be watched. Running and horseplay, or games like Frisbee or catch can lead to falls on cement, or unexpected problems in the water, as well as inadvertently harming others.† Glass or other items that could be stepped on with bare feet, should be avoided.†

Health.† The pool is used by all of us, so some consideration is a benefit. Children who are not toilet trained can be changed in the bathrooms, not outdoors.† If they go in the pool, special pool pants are permitted. For anyone who may have a cold or other contagious condition, it is best to avoid the water. Scrapes or cuts also heal best if kept dry. Please shower before entering the water, and use the handy bathrooms to dispose of tissues, bandaids and other items. When using the BBQs, please leave them in clean condition for the health of others (Maintenance does not clean the BBQ).† Instructions for the BBQ are on the refrigerator door.

Protecting the Pool Area.†† We want to keep the pool in good condition.† Standing on the lane ropes can cause them to stretch and fail.† Please wait for Maintenance to uncover the pool, which is done by 9 am, (if you donít know how to do it, damage can occur). Walking on the pool cover or furniture can cause expensive damage.†

VNS Pool Rules (3.18 in the rule book)

* Proper pool attire (bathing suits) required.

* Suntan oil is not permitted as it stains the furniture; suntan lotion permitted.††

* No smoking in pool area.††

* Do not obstruct lap lanes when in use. Limit lap time to Ĺ hour if others are waiting.

* No standing on pool furnishings or pool cover.†††

* Large flotation devices are not permitted.†

* Small flotation devices or games are permitted in childrenís area (shallow ďLĒ of the pool.

* No private parties without prior board approval.

* Telephone is for emergency use ONLY.

* Bicycles, skateboards, skates, etc. and pets are not permitted in the pool area. A bike rack is available outside the pool area.

* NO GLASS containers in pool area.

* No running or horseplay on the deck or in the pool or shower area.

* No diving Ė water is only 4 feet deep

* All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by their parent(s) or a responsible adult.

* Shower before entering the pool.

* Children in diapers are not permitted to enter the swimming pool. Special pool pants are required for minors who are not toilet trained.

* Non-residents must be accompanied by a unit owner or tenant.

Other Pool Information

* Hours.†† Open 9:00 am to dusk.† The pool maintenance person removes the cover by 9:00 am.† To prevent damage to the cover, please do not uncover the pool yourself.

* Lock.†† Always lock the gate behind you. The key is also the tennis key.

* Keys.†† Call PPM 860-5050 to get keys.† A $5.00 deposit is required (returned when you return the key).††

Contact Info: Pool Committee